Today’s Allotment Status of Concord Biotech IPO Revealed; Check Latest Updates, GMP, and How to Verify Allotment

Concord Biotech IPO allotment date: Allotment will be finalised today. Listing date set for August 18. GMP at +145.

Today (Friday, August 11), the allocation of shares for the Concord Biotech IPO will be determined. If you’re one of the investors who submitted an application for this IPO, you can find out if you’ve been allotted shares by visiting the registrar’s website, which is Link Intime India Private Ltd.

Investors can learn about the allocation of shares and the quantity they’ve been granted through the allotment process. For those who haven’t been allotted any shares, the refund procedure will commence from Monday, August 14. On the other hand, individuals who have been allotted shares will see them credited to their demat accounts by Thursday, August 17.

The Concord Biotech IPO is scheduled to be listed on Friday, August 18, on both the NSE and BSE stock exchanges. If you’ve submitted an application for these shares, you can easily check the status of your allotment for the Concord Biotech IPO.

To ascertain whether you’ve been allocated shares in the Concord Biotech IPO, you can promptly verify your allotment status on the official website of the IPO registrar, Link Intime India Private Ltd. You can access the Concord Biotech IPO allotment status for your application using this link –

Step 1

Click on the provided link to access the website of the Concord Biotech IPO’s registrar, which is Link Intime India Private Ltd.

Step 2

Select the IPO from the dropdown menu, and you’ll find its name populated only if the allocation process has been finalized.

Step 3

Choose any of the three options available to verify the status: Application Number, Demat Account, or PAN.

Step 4

Choose between ASBA and non-ASBA under application type.

Step 5

Include the information for the mode you choose in Step 2.

Step 6

Click submit after filling out the captcha.

How to Verify the Allocation Status of Concord Biotech IPO on BSE

Step 1

Go to the allotment page on the official BSE website at

Step 2

In the ‘Issue Type’ section, opt for ‘Equity’.

Step 3

Select the Concord Biotech IPO from the dropdown list under ‘Issue Name’.

Step 4

Provide your PAN or application number.

Step 5

Confirm your identity by clicking ‘I am not a Robot’ and then press the ‘Submit’ button.

How to Check Concord Biotech IPO Sllotment Status on NSE

Step 1

Go to the official website of NSE at

Step 2

To register with PAN, you need to choose the ‘Click here to sign up’ option provided on the NSE website.

Step 3

Enter user name, password, and captcha code.

Step 4

Verify the IPO allotment status on the newly opened page.

Concord Biotech IPO GMP today

As of today, the Concord Biotech IPO’s Grey Market Premium (GMP) remains at +145, just as it was during Thursday’s trading. This signifies that the shares of Concord Biotech IPO were being traded with a premium of ₹145 in the grey market on Friday, as reported by

Considering the upper limit of the Concord Biotech IPO price range and the present premium observed in the grey market, the projected listing price for Concord Biotech IPO shares could be around ₹886 each. This reflects an increase of 19.57% compared to the IPO price of ₹741.

On Wednesday, the Grey Market Premium (GMP) for Concord Biotech IPO was ₹159. Analysts at suggest that the current GMP of ₹145 is hinting towards a slightly downward trend. With this trajectory, it might decrease further on the day of listing. The GMP has ranged between ₹130 (lowest) and ₹330 (highest).

The term ‘Grey Market Premium’ illustrates investors’ willingness to pay a price higher than the IPO’s issued price.

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