Amazon Elevates Women in Technology at AmazeWIT Conference 2023

Amazon held the 3rd AmazeWIT – Amazon Women in Technology Conference in Bengaluru as part of its efforts to give women in the tech business more power and help them learn new skills. The one-day hybrid meeting gave women a chance to learn about new technologies, improve their careers, and share best practices, which helped them feel like they belonged and were included.

The theme of the conference was “Empowering Inclusion, Fostering Belonging.” There were thought-provoking opening speeches, tech talks by Amazon leaders and successful women in tech, insightful fireside chats, and chances to network. We talked about everything from belonging and inclusion to cutting-edge innovations at Amazon, building inclusive tech teams, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the technology behind Amazon Pay.

The Senior Vice President of Amazon India and Emerging Markets, Amit Agarwal, was excited about the digital change that is happening in India and praised the important role that women are playing in making it happen. He talked about the inspiring stories that women leaders in technology told at AmazeWIT and praised the meeting as a place for new ideas, sharing of knowledge, and inspiration as India’s digital transformation continues.

Over 400 people attended the meeting, including tech leaders, women with jobs like Software Development Engineers, Technical Program Managers, and Business Intelligence Engineers, and some science and technology students who are women. Amazon’s latest projects, advances, and technology goals were shown off at information booths, where people could talk to company reps and learn more about their areas of expertise.

Deepti Varma, Vice President of People Experience and Technology for Amazon Stores in India, Japan, and Emerging Markets, talked about how important it is for Amazon to create a workplace that is open to everyone. She talked about how important it is for women to bring different points of view, creativity, and critical thought to the table when creating new products and technologies. AmazeWIT wants to give women in the tech community more power and confidence by giving them chances to learn, grow, and make a difference.

Speakers at the conference included Mita Mahadevan, Amazon’s Director of Search Relevance, Search Science, and AI, Rajiv Chopra, Amazon’s Vice President of Pricing, Imaging, and CVNA, Gitanjali Bhutani, Amazon’s Director of Software Development, Liz Gebhard, Head of Inclusive Experiences and Technology, and Shanti Kurupati, Senior Director of Engineering at Y Media Labs, among others. Leaders talked about the changing roles of women in leadership and technology at a special event called “Breaking Barriers.”

Throughout the meeting, it was clear that Amazon is committed to supporting women in technology. The goal of AmazeWIT 2023 was to encourage women to do well in the tech world and leave a permanent mark on the tech community. With its creative energy and wide range of creators, Amazon keeps coming up with simple answers to hard technical and business problems, making shopping better for people all over the world. As a leading platform for development, Amazon continues to drive innovation and be a place where smart people from different backgrounds, specialties, and experiences can grow.

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Image: From left to right: Gitanjali Bhutani, Director of Technology at Amazon’s CMT Systems; Vaishali Kasture, Director of Commercial Business at Amazon Web Services for India and South Asia; and Sandy Gordon, Vice President of People Experience at Amazon.

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