Elon Musk’s X Introduces Enhanced Max DM Group Size: Capacity to Add Up to 200 Individuals

On Tuesday, Enrique, a product engineer at X, shared, “We’ve raised the maximum DM group size from 150 to 200. Also, there’s an exciting enhancement heading to DMs next week, so stay alert for that.”

X (previously known as Twitter) has recently extended the maximum size for group chats in direct messages (DMs) from 150 to 200 individuals.

Enrique, a product engineer affiliated with X, shared a message on Tuesday, mentioning, “The maximum size for DM group chats has been expanded from 150 to 200. Additionally, there’s an interesting enhancement slated for DMs next week, so keep an eye out for that.”

Elon Musk, the owner of X, responded to the update by questioning, “Should there even be a limit?”

Numerous users also shared their opinions about the new update. One user humorously commented, “I’m curious to know who even has that many people in a group chat lol,” while another individual wrote, “It’s a fantastic feature, but I need to gather that many friends first to test it.”

In another interaction, in response to a user’s nostalgic post about missing the Twitter blue bird logo, Musk replied, “It has now ascended to logo heaven.”

When a user pointed out that a sponsored advertisement had misled users and was flagged by the community, the owner of X remarked, “Finally, having truth in advertising is awesome.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Musk stated, “Today, we surpassed 346 billion user-seconds.”

The tech mogul highlighted that this marks the highest usage the platform has ever seen, “except for a surge a few months back when multiple LLM companies attempted to download our entire database simultaneously.”

He also extended an invitation to journalists to share their content on X, saying, “If you’re a journalist seeking more creative freedom in writing and a better income, consider publishing directly on this platform!”

Furthermore, the company had communicated that the glitch preventing the display of images posted before 2014 had been rectified.

“Over the weekend, a glitch arose preventing the display of images from prior to 2014. No images or data were lost. We’ve resolved the issue, and it will be fully sorted out in the next few days,” the platform announced on Tuesday.

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