Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc (LIXT) is up 16.02% Thursday In Premarket Trading

LIXT stock ended the day at $3.87, and during pre-market trade, it has gone up $0.62. Since most buyers only trade during normal trading hours, pre-market tends to be more volatile than normal trading hours. LIXT has a low overall score of 19. This means that at its present price, the stock is worth less than 19% of other stocks. The overall ranking method on InvestorsObserver is a thorough evaluation that takes both technical and fundamental factors into account. When investors first start to look at a stock, the total score is a good place to start. InvestorsObserver’s method for ranking stocks gives LIXT an average Short-Term Technical score of 60. This means that the price hasn’t gone up or down much in the last month. In the Biotechnology industry, Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc has the 123rd best Short-Term Technical score right now. The Short-Term Technical Score looks at how a stock has traded over the past month. It is most useful for traders who buy and sell stocks and options for a short amount of time.

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Overall and Short-Term Technical Scores for Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc paint a mixed picture of how LIXT has been moving and what its price is expected to be.

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