Netweb Technologies IPO Allotment Date Today. GMP, How to Check Status Online

Asit Manohar

Netweb Technologies IPO allotment status can be check online by logging in at BSE website or at the website of its official registrar Link Intime

Netweb Technologies IPO

Netweb Technologies could announce the final share allocation for its initial public offering (IPO) at any time today, since the most likely date for Netweb Technologies’ IPO assignment is July 24, 2023. After the Netweb Technologies IPO allotment is announced, bidders will be able to check their allotment progress online by logging in to the BSE website or the website. The official registrar of the IPO is now Link Intime India Private Ltd. Also, before the Netweb Technologies IPO allotment, the grey market is showing that the book build problem is getting better. Market watchers say that Netweb Technologies shares can be bought on the grey market today for an extra 368 per share.

Netweb Technologies IPO GMP

Market watchers say that the grey market premium (GMP) for Netweb Technologies’ IPO today is 368, which is 8 more than the GMP for the public release on weekends. They said that the mood on the dark market has gone up even though Dalal Street has been weak, which shows how strong the public offer is on the unlisted stock market. They went on to say that the Netweb Technologies IPO GMP today is 368, which means that the grey market expects the Netweb Technologies IPO selling price to be around 868 (500 + 368), which is about 75% higher than the Netweb Technologies IPO price range of 475 to 500 per equity share.

Netweb Technologies IPO allotment Status Links

After the share allocation is announced, a bidder can log in to the BSE website or the Link Intime website and check the progress of their application.

For more ease, they can log in directly at

or at on the Link Intime website.

Netweb Technologies IPO Allotment Status Check BSE

1] Login at direct BSE link —;

2] Select Netweb Technologies IPO;

3] Enter Netweb Technologies IPO application number;

4] Enter your PAN details;

5] Click at ‘I’m not a robot’; and

6] Click at ‘Submit’ button.

Your Netweb Technologies IPO allocation status will show up on the screen of your computer or smartphone.

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Netweb Technologies IPO Allotment Status Check Linkintime

1] Login at direct Link Intime web link —;

2] Select Netweb Technologies IPO;

3] Enter your PAN details; and

4] Click at ‘Search’ option.

Soon, you’ll be able to check your Netweb Technologies IPO allotment progress on your computer screen or smartphone screen.

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